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Freestyle Dancing

It's an artistic dance form that co-ordinates accentuated body movements with a number of basic steps incorporating arm, head and hand positions and movements. This is developed by the teachers who need to keep abreast of modern trends and music, whilst allowing the dancer freedom to express their own individual interpretation. The development of a top class Freestyle dancer requires the understanding of several basic principals in order to create good style and technique. I.e. Good timing, as with any other form of dance is essential. Choreography needs to be tailored to suit the age, grade and capability of each dancer. Extension and projection are also important aspects of Freestyle dance. Presentation as with other forms of dance needs to be aesthetic to the eye in every possible detail. Personality is an attribute that does or does not come naturally, but this can be developed by building confidence and practising facial expression. .

Freestyle Dance contains a great variety of steps and movements particularly in the choreography of the higher grade dancers. However, the three "basic ingredients" of Freestyle Dance relating to solo work are runs, spins and kicks. Almost all dancers in intermediate grades and above will perform these steps as part of their routine in one form or another. Beginners will generally use less progressive types of movements but will normally have some running steps in their routines.

Freestyle Dancing (High Energy Freestyle Dancing), originated from the early disco days and began in the 1970s on street corners and public places where dancers would show off their improvisational skills. Los Angeles and New York were important locations for the evolution of freestyle dancing.
Although some performances are choreographed, or partially choreographed, improvisation is the main force behind freestyle and many people prefer the freedom of Freestyle dancing to other conventional types of dancing. Freestyle dancing allows for individual expression and dancers are encouraged to create new moves and develop a personal style.

High energy Freestyle dancing involves many different types of dancing, dance moves and dance steps, and leaves the dancer free to mix & match and move in any way desired. A dancer can e.g. do a hip-hop move followed by something jazzy or borrowed from modern dance and can even throw in a cha-cha-cha step.

Freestyle dancing is popular with dancers who like to express themselves. It gives them the freedom to throw their arms up in a joyous gesture if the song makes them happy. It gives them the freedom to let the whole body dance, even the head and fingers..
Early freestyle dancing began in the 1970s on street corners and public places where dancers would show off their improvisational skills that resembled modern-day break dancing. By the 1980s as the music became more popular and accessible, more stand up moves were incorporated into the dance. The birth of freestyle dancing really began as disco died.

When freestyle dancing began, it was more about the flow from one break dancing move to another. As it evolved, pauses and breakups of rhythm became more popular. The dancing became harder, edgier and included more audience interaction. Isolation of individual body parts such as the hips and core also started to be used more and is seen commonly today.

Although some performances are choreographed, or partially choreographed, improv is the main force behind freestyle. Dancers are encouraged to create new moves and develop a personal style. The dancing is tough, raw and often involves stopping and starting. Unlike ballet and other formal styles that rarely change, freestyle dancing is known for its evolution.

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