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Rumba is the spirit and soul of Latin American music and dance. The fascinating rhythms and bodily expressions make the Rumba one of the most popular ballroom dances. The Rumba is among the slowest and most seductive and sensual of Latin dances. The sensuality is achieved by maintaining close contact with the floor through the feet. In this dance the emphasis is on the "Body" hip actions are produced by controlled transfer of weight from foot to foot. Each foot movement takes 1/2 beat of music, body action occurs on the second half of the beat.
Rumba Characteristcs
the emphasis is on the "Body" hip actions are produced by controlled transfer of weight from foot to foot. Each foot movement takes 1/2 beat of music, body action occurs on the second half of the beat.
Dramatisation involves Erotic, Sensual and passioned, Tease and Run
Movements are Stationary, Spatial, Sliding, Continuously with accents
Feet are slightly in contact "skimming" the floor continuously. Man need a sensual lead in hands, arms
It is estimated that the Rumba was brought to America by the African slaves. But arround 1928/1929 the actual steps and figures of this dance were not clear. Many people treated and danced it, like a new type of foxtrot with additional hip actions. After the World War II The rumba was further developed into the "Cuban Rumba" by monsieur Pierre and Doris Lavell . The word Rumba is a generic term, covering a variety of names (i.e., Son, Danzon, Guagira, Guaracha, Naningo), for a type of West Indian music or dancing. The word "rumba" comes from the verb "rumbear" which means going to parties, dancing, and having a good time.

There are two sources of the dances: one Spanish and the other African. Although the main growth was in Cuba, there were similar dance developments which took place in other Caribbean islands and in Latin America generally.

The "rumba influence" came in the 16th century with the black slaves imported from Africa. The native Rumba folk dance is essentially a sex pantomime danced extremely fast with exaggerated hip movements and with a sensually aggressive attitude on the part of the man and a defensive attitude on the part of the woman.

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• Timing: 4/4
• Tempo: 104 beats per minute
• Accent: On the 4th beat of each bar
• Competition: 1,5 - 2 minutes
• Rise and Fall: Nil

• Basic Rhythm : 2 3 4 & 1, 2 3 4 & 1

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Box Step Back to Back
Underarm Turn Side Pass
Rumba Rocks Forward Spot Turns
Progressive Walks Side / Side Progressive Walks
Outside Breaks Side Side Rocks
Back Breaks Underarm Right Turn
Open Breaks Underarm Left Turn
Cross Body Lead Wrap Around
Open Walk Back Spot Spiral
Back Spot Turn Free Turns Breaks

Basic Reverse Top Alternative Basic
Cucarachas Opening Out Reverse Top Kiki Walks
New York Spiral Sliding Doors
Shoulder to Shoulder Open Hip Twist Fencing
Hand to Hand Curl Rope Spin
Progressive Walks Shoulder - Shoulder (advanced) Three Three's
Spot Turns Aida Adv Hip Twist
Alternative Basic Three Alemanas
Fan Opening Out Right / Left
Alemana Continous Hip Twist
Hockey Stick Alemana - Right to Right Hold
Natural T Underarm Turns Left & Right
Natural Opening Out Syncopated Cuban Rocks
Closed Hip Twist
Cuban Rocks

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