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  • Those who are new to partner dancing are often unsure about which shoes are best. Students wonder if they even need dance shoes, and why shoes are even worth the investment. We understand your questions and are here to let you know why shoes are so important for your feet and for your dancing.

    The perfect amount of traction

    In partner dancing, you need to be able to glide smoothly across the floor, but stick to the ground enough so that you don't fall or lose your footing. Shoes with a rubber sole, especially tennis shoes, make gliding across the floor quite difficult. Your feet stick to the floor, and that can be quite distracting when you are attempting to learn combinations. Sticking to the floor unexpectedly can also lead to injuries. That's why dance shoes have a suede bottom, so that you have the ideal combination of sticking to and sliding on the floor! Whether you invest in dance shoes or not, wear shoes with a smooth leather sole (for your own safety's sake)!

    You definitely need shoes if ...

    If you have knee, back, or joint pain, having the correct shoes will help minimize your pain and lower your risk of injury. If you have issues with your feet, finding the perfect shoe will also help you stabilize your feet and put less stress on them when you dance. If you are interested in performing in Showcase or competing, shoes are a must! Taking part in Showcase requires many hours of rehearsal, and your feet need all the support they can get! In competitions, you must have the appropriate shoes to suit the style of dance in which you are competing.

    With dance shoes, you and your feet will be much happier!

    Importance of ballroom shoes

    Ballroom dancing is a wonderful and elegant activity that many people partake in. One of the most important components is the footwear of the dancers. More specifically, a correctly fitting set of shoes is crucial to a ballroom dancer.

    The most important thing a dancer should take into account is the fit of the shoe; the better the fit of the shoe, the better the ability to maximize posture and balance.

    When fitting into a shoe, there should be no gaps in the heel of the shoe, enough room in the front of the shoe so your foot just comes shy of the front of the shoe, and absolutely no room for foot movement inside your shoe. Dancing shoes are designed to give the individual proper arch support in certain areas.

    When shopping for a shoe, you must take into account that the widest part of your foot is the focal point. When a shoe fits this portion of your foot, there is the minimal amount of wiggle room allowed, providing a more accurate fit

    Maintenance of your dancing shoes is a staple when accounting for the longevity of the shoes. After using dancing shoes, it is important to air them out between uses. It is recommended to purchase a shoe brush made specifically to brush the bottom of your suede sole shoes. The shoe brush will keep the suede free from dirt and will therefore give good traction on the dancing floor.

    Over time, your feet change and will not fit the shoe as perfectly as they once did and hence will need a new pair of ball room dancing shoes.





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