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there are three main styles of tango: the American ballroom style, the International ballroom style, and the Argentine style, which is popular in tango nightclubs. Both American style and International style travel around the ballroom following the line of dance. The Argentine style is usually danced in a close embrace, and the Argentine style involves intricate foot and leg actions. The Argentine basic steps are built out of grapevines, figure eights, and other interesting footwork patterns. The Argentine style does not travel so much and thus is better suited for nightclub dancing..

The styles are mostly danced in either open embrace, where lead and follow have space between their bodies, or close embrace, where the lead and follow connect either chest-to-chest (Argentine tango) or in the upper thigh, hip area (American and International tango). In tango, the steps are typically more gliding, but can vary widely in timing, speed, and character, and follow no single specific rhythm.

One of the very interesting parts of the Argentine Tango is, that man and women does not dance the same part as in a mirror. He can lead her other elements, then he will dance himself and combines them to new combinations. It has also been suggested that tango makes people feel more relaxed, sexier, and less depressed, and to increase testosterone levels
Tango is characterized by stunning, sharp head-turns. Many of the figures are provocative. The melancholy drone of the bandoneon, an instrument similar to an accordion, can accent the sometimes steamy choreography
Argentine Tango is NOT a "ballroom" dance. Argentine Tango is almost exclusively a social dance, with each partner focused on enjoying themselves and giving pleasure and enjoyment to their partners. A key feature is that it is not choreographed in a social setting. Every step is led and followed. After any given step, the leader can lead any one of 6 or more steps. A public Argentine tango dance party is called a tango milonga.
Distinctive to the Quickstep is an up-and-down, rise-and-fall swinging motion performed at a fast pace.
To achieve the right musical interpretation the timing of the "Slows should be slightly extended to force a sharp action in the ankles in the "Quicks. Floorcraft is required in this dance more than in the others.
The Quickstep is derived from the Foxtrot. During the twenties many bands played the Slow Foxtrot too fast, 50 Bars/min, the large open steps from the Foxtrot could not be danced on this speed. The English developed from the original Charleston a progressive dance without kicks and made a mixture with the above mentioned fast foxtrot the called this dance "the Quicktime Foxtrot and Charleston". The English couple Frank Ford and Molly Spain danced on the 'Star' Championships of 1927 a version of this Quicktime Foxtrot and Charleston without the characteristic Charleston knee actions and made it a dance for two instead of solo. The figures were Quarter Turns, Cross Chassées, Zig-zags, Cortes, Open Revers Turns, and Flat Charleston. In 1928/1929 the Quickstep was definitly born with the characteristic chassées steps.

• Timing: 4/4
• Tempo: 50 beats per minute
• Accent: On beat 1 and 3
• Competition: 1,5 - 2 minutes
• Basic Rhythm : Slow Slow Quick Quick

• Rise & Fall : Com to rise e/o 1, Continue for 2 and 3, Up/Lower e/o 4

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Quarter Turns to Right & Left Quick Open reverse Six Quick Run
Natural Turn Fishtail Rumba Cross
Natural Turn w/Hesitation Running Right Turn Tipsy to Right & Left
Natural Pivot Turn Four Quick Run Hover Corte
Natural Spin Turn V-6
Progressive Chasses Closed Telemark
Chasses reverse Turn Cross Swivel
Forward & Backward Lock
Closed Impetus
Reverse Pivot
Progressive Chasses to Right
Triple Chasses to Right
Running Finish
Natural Turn
Double Reverse Turn
Cross Change
Zig Zag
Change of Direction

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